Get help with diagnosing issues such as poor performance, system crashes, hardware failures, and other technical problems.  We can identify the issue, explain and demonstrate the cause, and guide you to a solution.  If you decide to upgrade part or all of your system, we can help you find the right upgrades for your individual situation.

We can provide patient, one-on-one individualized tutoring with skilled and patient experts.  We are happy to work with all skill levels, and do so with respect and attention to your learning goals.

We can help you set up your home network, from basic file and printer sharing to custom router firmware and more advanced tasks like whole-network VPNs or Network-Attached Storage.

Learn how to best use your smart assistants, whether Alexa or Google or Siri, to make life more convenient as well as control any other smart devices you may have.

Get help connecting your TV to whatever streaming or live TV services you choose.

Learn how to protect your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV as well as bypass certain geographical content restrictions.

We can help advise you in finding the right piece of technology for any given task, and be certain of compatibility and availability.

We can help you create a website for your project or small business, and teach you everything you need to manage and develop the site as it grows.

We are always open to working on new and interesting projects, especially with a community or charity purpose.  Feel free to contact us to discuss.