We provide all types of tech help to communities in the Lakeside area in beautiful Jalisco, Mexico.

How can we help?

We know it’s a complex digital world, and all the technology intended to enrich your life can sometimes be difficult and frustrating.  We want to help.  From smartphones to tablets to PC/Mac, home networking, digital privacy and security, peripherals and more, we can answer your questions, solve your problems, and show you how to get the most out of your gear.  We can also work with you as an individual to help you understand each and every part of your digital life and how they interact with one another. Click HERE for more details on our specific services and products, or call us at 333-598-3263.


Pricing is on a per hour basis, $500 MXN pesos per hour, with no additional charge for distance traveled as long as the client is within the general Ajijic-Chapala corridor area.  Outlying areas such as San Juan Cosala and Chapala Country Club will incur an additional fee depending on distance, contact us for details.